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Grandfather Frog

Grandfather Frog Chapter 1: Billy Mink Finds Little Joe Otter

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Grandfather Frog Chapter 1: Billy Mink Finds Little Joe Otter
Grandfather Frog Chapter 2: Longlegs The Blue Heron Receives Callers
Grandfather Frog in "Algae Seeing You"
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It's World Water Day March 22nd

Water is super important. We need fresh water ...

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Did You Know? Frogs show us how good the water is.

Did you know that frogs are often used by ...

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Meet Grandfather Frog!

Grandfather Frog is the wise old man of the river.  He knows everyone, and he knew their parents too... he remembers how everything used to be.

G.F. has lived in his lily pad home in the Smiling Pool since he was a tadpole.  He always wears his suit jacket no matter what the kids' fashion is.  He dispenses wisdom and corny fables, and  he teaches the other animals about life along the river.  

Because he's a frog, he is very sensitive to any pollution in the water.

Inspired by the works of groundbreaking environmentalist children's book writer Thornton Burgess, these stories, games, educational materials teach kids about the beavers living in rivers, ponds, lakes and other wetland environments in a near-boreal region.

Grandfather Frog lives with his friends in the world of Animazia: the amazing story of animals.